Tarika Ayurvedic Daily Facial 50g


Tarika Daily Facial is an effective blend of natural herbs and clays for enhancing the complexion and beauty of the facial skin. A holistic and balanced formula, Tarika Daily Facial works deep under your skin to nourish the skin cells and improve blood circulation. It aids in new tissue formation and helps remove toxins. It brings a glow to even a dull skin. 100% Natural & Herbal with no side effects. Useful against dark spots, patches, scars. A 50 GmPack will last for about 60 applications. Improves skin complexion, nourishes the skin cells, helps remove dark patches under the eyes, on cheeks etc caused due to pollution and impurities helps remove pimple marks, scars, skin eruptions and can be used as a foundation before makeup.

Tarika Ayurvedic Daily Facial 50g
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