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Mysteribath Herbomineral Bath and Body clay pack 400gm

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Exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin pores, draw out toxins, Make the skin smooth, emollient, healthy and radiant Relieve dullness, fatigue and relax the body, Help in better functioning of the excretory canals for removal of toxins, Refresh and reinvigorate the whole body, Help to maintain the elasticity and strength of the tissues and muscles.

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After long years of practical research and study Mysteribath Herbomineral Ayurvedic Bathing clay was formulated according to the ancient Indian Ayurvedic scriptures. It is a special combination of exfoliating clays and nourishing herbs. Selected herbs, roots, plants etc. known for their beneficial qualities and mineral clays collected from ponds and rivers in virgin forests of India, rich with herbal nutrients, are synergistically blended in Mysteribath to promote natural bodily health, well-being and beauty.
A bath-massage with Mysteribath Herbomineral makes the body fresh and the skin tingle with joy. No soap is necessary as Mysteribath Herbomineral cleanses better than soaps. The combination of herbs and clays has shown it to be naturally antiseptic and antifungal.

Baths and Packs with Mysteribath Herbomineral

  • Exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin pores, draw out toxins
  • Make the skin smooth, emollient, healthy and radiant Relieve dullness, fatigue and relax the body
  • Help in better functioning of the excretory canals for removal of toxins
  • Refresh and reinvigorate the whole body
  • Help to maintain the elasticity and strength of the tissues and muscles
  • Very effective against prickly heat and summer rashes
  • Safe for tender skin and those allergic to chemical soaps
  • Control excess perspiration

 It can be used in spas, health clubs, resorts, yoga and natural healing centres for deep-cleansing and detoxification treatments. 

Special benefits and uses of Mysteribath Herbomineral

  • Relieves sunburns and protects the skin. Use in combination with Tarika Body Oil for best results
  • Make a paste with equal quantities of Mysteribath and Tarika Pimple / Remover and use it as a pack / wash for relieving eczema
  • During convalescence Mysteribath Herbomineral packs and Tarika Body oil massages help to reinvigorate the body and bring it back to health
  • Very useful for children suffering from skin irritations and summer rashes
  • Relaxes tired muscles after vigorous sports
  • For sportsmen and women Mysteribath packs and Tarika Body Oil massages maintain the tone and suppleness of the muscles for optimum performance
  • Mysteribath packs help to relieve non-chronic joint pains
  • Using it as a pack over tired eyes relieves fatigue
  • Massage of the forehead and the scalp with a Mysteribath solution relaxes tired nerves. Use in combination with Tarika
    Body oil for better results
  • Mysteribath solution is a non-soapy hair wash
  • Massage the gums with a solution of Mysteribath for freshness and oral hygiene 

Mysteribath Herbomineral is a 100% pure and natural product – it does not contain any chemical or artificial additive
For external use only

We do not test on animals

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