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Mysteribath Premium Sandal bathing clay 100gms + Vetivert loofah 2 Nos

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Mysteribath Premium Sandal bath clay – body pack and massage and Vetivert loofah

When you are tired and exhausted after a long day, you need something to freshen you up completely for the evening ahead… Experience Mysteribath Premium sandal bath clay – the luxurious sandal clay/mud baths, made with pure sandalwood and other rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbs combined with special body cleansing clays for vigour, freshness, relaxation and for deodorizing the whole body.

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Tarika Vetivert loofah forms a synergistic combination with Mysteribath Premium. It is made from the roots of Khus (Vetiveria zizanoides). According to Ayurveda Vetivert (Khus) is a relaxant, anti-perspirant. Its natural earthy aroma works as a body deodorant. It helps to calm nerves; it exfoliates the skin, beautifies and improves skin texture making it smooth, soft and radiant.

Feel the silky smoothness of your skin after using Mysteribath Premium.

In hot and humid climates Mysteribath Premium sandal clay effectively prevents skin allergies, prickly heat, rashes.  It controls excess sweating.

It can be safely used on children to relieve rashes and prickly heat. It is gentle and soothing for tender skins.

Use this unique clay/mud bath in spas, health centers to relieve stress and deodorize the body with the exotic fragrance of pure sandalwood.

No soap is necessary.

Mix with water or milk and apply / massage on the body.

100% Natural l No preservatives l Paraben-free l Not tested on animals


Curcuma Aromatica 2%, Hedychium Spicatum 0.5%, Acorus Calumas 2.2%, Emblica Officinalis 1%, Embelia Ribes 1%, Terminalia Chebula 1.2%, Terminalia Bellerica 1.2%,Pistacia Integerrima 0.7%, Taxus Baccata 0.5%, Caesalpinia Bonduc 1%, Berberis Aristata, 0.5%, Cyperus Rotundus 5%, Aloebarbadensis 0.6%, Santalum Album 8.3%, Vetiveria zizanioides 0.8%, Camphora, 0.2%, all systematically processed with herbal and mineral rich layers / clays found in ecologically pure zones 73.3%.

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